How to Get Free Xbox Live in 2016

How to Get Free Xbox Live in 2016

If you’re looking for a place to get free Xbox Live from, you’ve come to the right place. These days, everyone is trying to save money anywhere they can. That’s why this website was created, to help gamers save some money so they can spend it on games instead. Why should you have to pay for Xbox Live membership just to play with your friends when you’ve already dished out $300+ for the console? It’s not fair! Below, you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to get free Xbox Live from our website.

Choosing the duration

The first thing you will need to determine is how long of duration of Xbox Live you need. At this moment, you can choose from either: 1 month, 3 month, or 12 months. Unfortunately, since there is an option for visitors to choose 12 months, the majority of them choose the longer duration. This leads to shortages in the amount of 12 months Xbox Live codes in the system. Naturally we have a lot more 1 month cards than we do 12-month cards, they’re cheaper, and don’t get chosen that often.

Starting the Process

Getting an Xbox Live code for free isn’t a difficult task whatsoever; all you have to do to start the process is click the button at the top of the page that says “Claim Your Code”. After you’ve clicked the button, you will be redirected to our system that has been setup to distribute codes to visitors. Once you’ve landed on the page, it will have all of the necessary steps that you’ll need to complete. The entire process is self-explanatory and all of the steps are clearly stated on the page.

Important Information

While this is a free service, there are some things that are required for you to do. One of the main things that people complain about most often is that you are required to complete a survey in order to get free Xbox Live membership from us. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it has to be and it’s not going to change any time soon.

Xbox Live Gold CodesWhen we first started offering this service, we didn’t have anything protecting our Xbox Live cards. Visitors would come to our website, select the duration they want, and get a code with no strings attached. The problem with that was people began to take as many codes as they possibly could. When one person is taking 15-20 codes for themselves you can obviously see where problems can come up. That’s when we turned to surveys. Surveys help us protect our codes by requiring visitors to complete a short questionnaire in order to get a code. This prevents people from being able to take as many codes as they can.

What if I Can’t Complete a Survey?

To make sure that everyone in any country has an equal chance of using our service. We hand select surveys for every country and test them to make sure they are short and to the point. We’re familiar with the bad name surveys have currently and we can say that this isn’t your average site. This website was created for you, our visitors, and having our visitors jump through hoops isn’t what we had in mind. If a survey takes longer than 3-4 minutes to complete then feel free to email us the name of the offer and we’ll disable it.

If there is a case that there are no available surveys for your area, email us and we’ll activate a few! Also, under specific circumstances, you can email us explaining why you can’t complete a survey and we may email you back a code. There’s a slim chance that your story is adequate enough for us, but there are occasions where we have emailed back a code!

Are Your Codes Safe to Use?

Absolutely, all of the Xbox Live Gold codes claimed from our website are bought from legitimate vendors. This means that they pose no threat to the security of your Gamertag. Unlike other websites that claim they have “hacked” Microsoft to get the codes they have. We have secured deals with companies that sponsor our website and provide us with the codes we need to run this website.


Spending money on Xbox Live is a thing of the past. No longer will you have to pay for your Xbox Live membership using our service. To claim your free Xbox Live from our website all you have to do is click the button at the top of the page that says “claim your code” and follow a few short steps. With our service you can get an Xbox Live code in less time than it would take you to drive to the store! So what are you waiting for? Use our service today!

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Best Gaming Memes of 2016

In case you didn’t know, memes were around long before the release of iFunny. Did the popularity of memes skyrocket as the result of iFunny being released? Of course, and nobody is complaining; we love memes! If you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, a meme, according to Wikipedia is “an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.” There are millions of different memes floating out there and since we love gaming we sought out to find the funniest gaming memes we could!

1. Everyone knows that one person

No Life Meme
This is every gamers thought. If someone is better than you, they obviously spend more time playing video games than you, so they have no life. But anyone that doesn’t match your skills is automatically a noob. In my experience, these types of gamers tend to play a lot of Call of Duty!


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Top 5 Exclusive Xbox One Games Coming in 2016

There’s no question that the Xbox One surpasses any other console in terms of content streaming. But how does it rank in terms of game exclusives? We’re going to discuss the top 5 exclusive games coming to the Xbox One in 2016 to help you determine where the Xbox One is sitting

1. Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 Fall 2016

Release Date: Fall 2016

The upcoming Gears of War game seems to be gaining a lot of attention. Nobody knows what to expect from Gears 4 since Epic Games has moved on from the Franchise. The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk Studios) has taken on the responsibility from Microsoft for creating the next Gears of War installment for the Xbox One. Epic Games has been the one responsible for the last 4 Gears installments and did a phenomenal job on them.

Gears 4 was originally slated to be released during the Holidays of 2016 but has since been moved forward and can be expected to hit the shelfs as early as the fall of 2016. From the sneak peaks given to us at the E3 expo in 2015, it seems like the Coalition is on the right track to creating yet another phenomenal gears installment. If you would like to check out the awesome gameplay sneak peak shown at the E3 expo, you can watch it here.


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Why You Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Xbox Live


According to Forbes, Bill Gates is worth roughly $74.8 Billion as of 2/10/16. If the man that co-founded Microsoft is worth that much money, it begs the question to how much Microsoft is actually worth. These days, fortune 500 companies are only worried about how to get more cash in their pocket. That’s why they create things like an Xbox Live Membership and it currently has roughly 39 million monthly active gamers. With that many consoles being sold why does Microsoft think it’s necessary to charge their customers just to be able to play online?

Why Microsoft Charges for Xbox Live Membership

Microsoft is selling millions of these consoles for $300 a pop and they still charge their users another $60 a year just to get the “full gaming experience” and be able to play online. It would be different if the consoles had a built in Wi-Fi system that allowed the gamer to play online without Internet access, and to use that system you would have to purchase a membership. Instead, in order for an individual to be able to play online with his or her buddies, they need: a console ($300), Xbox Live ($60/year), a game ($60), and Internet connection ($600/year). That’s a lot of money to dish out every year just to be able to play online. So why did Microsoft create the Xbox Live membership? It comes down to Microsoft wanting another stream of income. (more…)

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